Kung Fu & External Martial Arts

Shaolin Mural CroppedThe Chinese Shao-Lin Center for traditional Kung Fu is comprised of various colorful styles of skill and training, making up the extensive Shao-Lin System available today! Each training and style compliments the next more advanced level. This mix of material will develope your abilitlies and make you well rounded martial artist.

A short list of the traditional Shao-Lin body conditioning that you will make you strong and flexible:

A short list of the Shao-Lin Empty Hand styles taught here are:

Tiger Descending

...as well as, Animal styles such as:

and Classical forms, such as:

Also, within the Shao-Lin system are the Classical Weapons, such as:

...to name a few! All these styles and more are taught here at the Chinese Shao-Lin Center of Salt Lake City. We offer training that you cannot find anywhere else in Utah! We have the most comprehensive martial art from the Orient and Shao-Lin Kung-Fu is considered the origin of all martial arts.

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