The Chinese Shao-Lin Center Head Instructor

All classes in Salt Lake City are taught by Certified Head Instructor, Master Christopher Callado (pictured on the left). Master Chris's training is ongoing and he is the only person in Utah certified to teach Shao-Lin Kung-Fu by Shao-Lin Senior Elder Masters. Master Chris has learned well over 108 different authentic Shao-Lin forms, is proficient in over 30 different Shao-Lin weapons, and has studied dozens of internal areas of Classical Shao-Lin Kung-Fu, including Tai Chi Ch’uan, Pa Kua Chang, and Hsing-I Ch’uan. Master Chris is a full-time Shao-Lin instructor and all of his martial training have been at Chinese Shao-Lin Centers under the direction of Certified Head Instructors and Certified 9th Degree Black Belt Senior Elder Masters David (pictured in the middle) and Sharon Soard. Chris Callado began his training in the Shaolin Art January of 2000 in Phoenix, Arizona. He has attained the rank of 6th Degree Black Belt Master and continues to train advance toward 7th Degree Black Belt with new, more complex material including various branches of Praying Mantis Boxing and Monkey Boxing, as well as weapon styles such as Double Daggers, TaMo Fighting Canes (Crutches of War), 9 Section Steel Chainwhip & Green Dragon Broadsword. Master Chris has traveled extensively to popular as well as remote locations throughout China. His group and he have held exclusive meetings with the Head Abbot at the Shao-Lin Temple in Honan Province. They have demonstrated classical Shao-Lin Kung-Fu for audiences at the famous Shao-Lin Temple in Honan province, and Omei Mountain. They have visited important historical sites and cities including The original Shao-Lin Temple in Honan, the Hua Mountain Temple, the ancient capital of Xian (Terra Cotta Soldiers), the Leishan Giant Buddha, Hong Kong, the Forbin City, Beijing, the Temple of Heaven, and has walked upon multiple parts of the Great Wall of China!

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